"I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Angel! She has had such a large positive impact on my life. The amount of personal growth I have experienced by working with her has not only helped shape me into a better person but a stronger and happier one as well! When we first started, I felt pretty lost and knew lots of the things I wanted or needed to change, but I just couldn't seem to gain control of it. Angel guided me through those changes and helped me understand what my own truth was to many aspects of my life. She asks questions that make you truly think and get very real with yourself. It's amazing. She has this ability to pay attention to the words you are saying and shine light on what affect they might be having on you. Her insights are mind blowing sometimes. Having and keeping Angel in my life is something I hold great value to and have so much gratitude for!"


"Angel's coaching brings me to a place where I am empowered to honor myself resulting in all aspects of life being better" 

 "Angel is able to show me new perspectives in a no nonsense way and cuts to the chase effectively so I can make meaningful shifts fast"


"I had the honour of working with Angel over the course of 12 sessions and wow! She facilitated such deep and profound shifts in my life and helped me to discover and shift where I was blocked and stuck so I could move beyond it.  She is so inspiring, positive and energizing, and I am so grateful to have had that experience.  Thank you Angel!"