Through coaching, I provide an opportunity for you to discover how to express our own unique journey and make conscious and effective choices that support the fulfilled life you desire. 


Through writing, I provide an  opportunity for you to contemplate, shift perspective, and share in my human experience.


Through public speaking, I provide an opportunity for us to connect face to face about what inspires and challenges us.


Through dance, I provide an opportunity for us to come together to experience a unique moment of artistic expression.   


My vision is to connect and inspire in order to open possibilities and broaden perspective on both individual and collective platforms.

Through coaching, writing speaking and dancing I facilitate connection 

and create space for inspiration to take hold.

All of these moments are possibilities for our reflection, our inspiration and our motivation to create change. In a community where we live and grow together, we enrich our quality of life through the contemplation, appreciation and recognition of experience. We make the world a better place.

About Me

My background

My passion has always been connection. In childhood, this manifested itself through dance. I began jazz lessons at the age of three, took up tap and ballet, and spent four years training at the National Ballet School of Canada. Throughout my adolescence, I studied every style of dance I could get my hands on, and after a year training with Ballet British Columbia, I embarked on my professional ballet career. My pointe shoes graced stages across Canada and as far as Thailand which led me to form my own contemporary dance company in Kelowna in 2013, Zebra Eyes Contemporary Dance.

This marked a pivotal moment in my personal development. I had begun digging into what it was that I truly wanted out of life, and this journey rippled out into every aspect of my life. As I questioned the course of my career and my life purpose I then too questioned my relationship. I identified a deep underlying conflict and struggled internally to allow my truth to be reality.

A year of self work followed, filtering through the dark to see the light. I found myself single for the first time in my adult life with a new career in the fitness industry. Opportunity was my new best friend and the potential of a living an authentic life fueled me deeply. I dove in head first. It wasn't for another three years that I would realize I had done exactly the same thing, again, and found myself exactly where I had tried to free myself from. Living someone else's dream.

I was lost. Utterly and completely lost. The proverbial rug had been pulled from underneath me.  The stable job and career path I thought I had was no longer mine. It never really was.  And this time there was nowhere to run. I had to face myself. The most difficult question to answer was, "what do I want?" Before I could ask that question I had to be honest about who I was. A loaded task no matter which way I looked at it. I was, however, blessed with a gift from the universe and I accepted it, time.

I stopped pushing, stopped forcing and made efforts daily to connect with myself. I knew I was in there somewhere, and I believed I could find me. I scaled back and started small. All of my previous efforts over the past 30 years have gotten me exactly where I was, yet I knew this time I had to do something different. I could not allow myself, again, to have that dreadful feeling of being back where I started. I needed to invite myself to join the journey instead of pushing myself off to the side for an external agenda.     

How I Got Started As A Coach

The concept of coaching has always intrigued me. I first set foot into a counselor's office when I was fourteen, and have reaped the benefits of various counselor's and psychologists since. There was something different about health coaching. I could feel it. One of my favourite phrases is "you don't know what you don't know until you know it." It's okay to not know, and it's okay to ask for help.

When I came across the Health Coach Institute's Become a Health Coach Program I registered right away, and I knew the moment I laid eyes on it that it was perfect. "Become a master of habit change." I not only wanted that, I needed it, and the thought of being able to guide and support others to do the same excited me in a way I had not felt in a very long time.

My journey to becoming a health coach has satisfied parts of me that only rose to the surface through being coached myself. My passion to connect has grown now to include helping others realize their full potential and beauty. To each their own, but own you. 

My approach

As a Health Coach I help you slow down, create more time and get in touch with your inner truth so you can fully enjoy life without having to sacrifice your needs, desires or dreams.  I help you achieve the breakthroughs you need to live a most fulfilled and abundant life. I believe in the limitless potential and strength of all of everyone and their capability to achieve all that they desire in every aspect of their lives. Sacrifice is not an option, and integration is key. You already are everything that you need to be. I guide you to connect to the power of you.